Where to Buy Methyl 1-D


You know that prohormones give you explosive muscle gains and skyrocketing strength that surpasses your wildest dreams. Except you can’t get them now…or can you? With every prohormone we’ve created, we look for those compounds that do an awesome job of building muscles but don’t cross that legal line.

It’s hard to stay right here, where we always have been, on the cutting edge of supplement enhancement. LG Sciences has ALWAYS led the PROHORMONE revolution. We started with Methyl 1-Test, a legal steroid that had bodybuilders screaming in the streets. We followed up with products like Masterdrol V2, Methyl 1-Alpha, Methyl Masterdrol and the favorite of all time, Methyl 1-P.

Despite the ban, we’ve still found a way to make muscle magic with the ONLY real PROHORMONE still available today – METHYL 1-D. Don’t be fooled by “hormone-like”, “similar to prohormone,” “steroid alternative,” or any of the other bogus terms used for products that aren’t really prohormones. Methyl 1-D is the real thing, and it does everything you expect from a prohormone despite the ban.

METHYL 1-D™, is our most groundbreaking product yet. Only METHYL 1-D™ is an anabolic animal by itself AND a stack supercharger, too!


The Last Legal Prohormone Product Available

METHYL 1-D may be one of the most potent androgens since the prohormone ban in January 2005.  With METHYL-1D, you get an AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroid) hormone that’s a chemical cousin to Testosterone. METHYL 1-D converts easily into  TEST and also has an estrogen blocker to prevent bloat and bitch tits along with a 5aR inhibitor, so you can keep your hair.  This is by far the safest product on the market that still gives prohormone results. You’ll get solid gains in muscle mass without the bloated look you get from many steroids.

Additionally, you may also see yourself become more cut with every week because one pleasant side effect may be the blocking of an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase. Scientists believe this enzyme may block the body’s ability to store and produce fat.  One study showed a mean body fat reduction of 31% in only 28 days – with no change in body weight – which means more muscle and less fat!  I personally saw this first hand on my friend that took Methyl-1D for 3 weeks and lost 3 inches on his waist while his bench press went up 30 lbs!

Did we forget to mention the effects on libido and sexual endurance?  Study after study shows how the compounds in METHYL 1-D improve every aspect of your sexual performance too.

Methyl 1-D™ Highlights:

You will feel Methyl-1D immediately because it gives instant results that you can count on time and time again.  Studies with the ingredients in METHYL 1-D show improvements within two week in strength, mass and body fat ratio but you’ll begin to feel the effects with your very first dose. Potential benefits of Methyl 1-D are:

  • May Give Extreme Gains in Strength and Size
  • May Skyrocket Testosterone Levels
  • May Increase Muscle Mass
  • May Supercharge Sex Drive
  • May Increase Fat Loss
  • Reduces Gyno Or Estrogen Effects – due to the estrogen blocker
  • Reduces Hair Loss – because we block DHT
  • May Ramp up Metabolism and Thermogenesis
  • May Cause Greater Conversion of Glucose to Energy rather than Fat
  • May Cause Incredible Sense of Power That Comes from a Boost in Testosterone

TESTOSTERONE - the body's true anabolic. Unlike other products that only partially boost testosterone above your body's normal levels, Methyl 1-d may give you more raw materials to make enough testosterone to give you the results you want in the gym

Unlike other supplements out there, you’ll get the full benefit of all the ingredients in METHYL 1-D. It’s as potent as any methyl on the market today because of a patent pending special delivery mechanism.

METHYL 1-D Supercharges Our Other Products for the Most Powerful Results

If you’re ready for some radical changes in your body, combine METHYL 1-D™ with our other products. Methyl 1-D synergisticly supercharges the effects of our other products so that you get more of what you buy supplements for – muscle mass, strength, fat burning, etc. . Each LG Science product is specifically designed to work with METHYL 1-D™ as part of a cycle for truly astounding results. 

For POST CYCLE RECOVERY and to BOOST and MAINTAIN TESTOSTERONE LEVELS after METHYL 1-D, use Formadrol Extreme.  Increase you testosterone naturally, block estrogen conversion and increase IGF-1 levels so you can keep your gains!

Where to Buy Methyl 1-D